How to Tag On Facebook Comment

How To Tag On Facebook Comment ~ Facebook tags provide your friends a heads up when you're discussing them in a post on the social networking site. Utilize the tags feature to discuss that you're with at the moment, consist of friends in a post concerning future plans or simply tease someone in a comment Whenever you tag a friend, Facebook notifies her; the entire post in which she is tagged also shows up on her Facebook wall surface.

How To Tag On Facebook Comment<br/>

How To Tag On Facebook Comment

How do you tag a comment to a person in Facebook?

- Begin typing your comment.
- When it's time to tag your friend, type @ as well as start inputting their name
- Your friend's name will certainly be suggested in the drop down menu:

How To Tag On Facebook Comment<br/>

Just how do you tag a friend in a comment on Facebook Mobile?

Facebook tagging on a smart device (via Facebook Application on iOS or Android) functions exactly the same as on desktop computer.

- Kind @ in the comment area and begin keying your friend's name.
- Pick your name from the drop down.

How To Tag On Facebook Comment<br/>

If you are handling a Facebook page, the process functions the exact same but you need to be somehow linked to an individual you are tagging (Facebook user requires to be your fan or you require to have usual connection). Purposeful tagging is an excellent method to attach to your Target market as well as involve with your fans.

Delighted tagging!