How to Delete Albums On Facebook

How To Delete Albums On Facebook: To delete a number of image albums on Facebook, you need to remove them one by one. You can erase any type of album - including vacant ones - except those that were created automatically - Timeline Photos, Profile Photos and Mobile Uploads. You can, however, remove private pictures from albums produced immediately by Facebook. To maintain the pictures and also stop others from seeing them at the same time, make the albums private. Additionally, remove certain pictures or make them personal.

How To Delete Albums On Facebook<br/>

How To Delete Albums On Facebook

Removing albums

Open your Facebook profile, click "Photos," after that "albums." Click the name of any kind of album you have actually developed to open it. Over the gallery of images in this album, click the equipment symbol, then click "Delete album" Click "Delete album" again to confirm, and also you will be taken back to your listing of remaining albums.


You can delete only albums you have developed. Default albums, such as Timeline Photos, Cover Photos as well as Mobile Uploads, can not be deleted en masse. If you wish to erase images from these albums, you will need to view the photos and also delete them individually. To do this, open up a picture completely view as well as hover over it till the menu bar appears near the bottom. Click "Options," then click "Delete This Photo."