How to Find Posts On Facebook

This is the daily Facebook search inquiry. It's the one where you're trying to find any information as well as chit-chat on a particular topic - How To Find Posts On Facebook.

You can just focus on a straightforward key phrase or you can actually take advantage of Facebook Graph Search to find outcomes appropriate to you. Facebook in fact offers the most effective instance of this themselves: You vaguely remember a buddy stating their mama made the best cookies and connecting to the recipe. Currently, who was it? And also where's that recipe?

How To Find Posts On Facebook<br/>

How To Find Posts On Facebook

# 1 Use Graph Search

If you keep in mind an expression of the post or what the post had to do with, you can make use of the Graph Search feature on top of the Page. Enter the expression and afterwards make use of the magnifying glass to get all the outcomes.

Then you will certainly have the ability to sort via the posts from your friends or any type of posts that are public that have this expression in it. You could also use this strategy to do more basic searches to figure out what individuals are posting about around a particular topic!

# 2 Use Your Activity Log

If you have actually engaged with the post somehow-- liked it, talked about it, or shared it someplace-- you could locate it in your Activity Log.

Now you can see your latest Activity, where the Activity happened, and you could also Search your Activity.

What Do You Think of Facebook Search?

Don't neglect that you can only see things that have actually been shown to you or openly. So, the outcomes you get will certainly depend on your buddies and their privacy settings. The exact same goes for the other way around: if you do not desire points to turn up in Facebook searches, you just require to figure out your privacy settings, make certain you're not sharing your area unsuspectingly, untag on your own from pictures, and also perhaps additionally ask a couple of good friends to get rid of some images of you completely.