Event Photo Size Facebook

Event Photo Size Facebook: Remember when your mail box was greater than a place to collect energy bills as well as flyers for the neighborhood pizzeria? The days when you sent letters, postcards, and event invitations on actual paper? At that time, your concerns were color design, font styles, and also paper weights.

Today, nobody sends out postal invites-- besides weddings and also special members' clubs. Instead, individuals send out event invitations on Facebook.

If event advertising and marketing becomes part of your Facebook marketing, you need to stand out of the social networks scroller. As well as the Facebook event cover picture is the first thing they'll see-- so see to it you get the dimension and also design right.

Event Photo Size Facebook

Event Photo Size Facebook

The most up to date specs for the major Facebook event image are:

1200 x 628 pixels-- this is the standard dimension
1.91: 1 proportion-- if you wish to be exact
1920 x 1005 pixels-- for best quality throughout all display sizes
Even if you vary from the recommended pixels, stay with an approximately 2:1 proportion so the picture shows correctly throughout all tools.

Yet Facebook being Facebook, it's not as simple as a lovely image with the appropriate dimensions. Oh no.

The actual Facebook event picture size
Things seldom stay still in the Facebook globe.

That's why a quick check of Google search results for "Facebook event picture dimension 2019" brings up some conflicting details.

On Google's first web page alone, results range from 500 x 262 pixels, to 1000 x 524 pixels, to the previous specs of 1920 x 1080 pixels-- which most websites still note as the proper dimension.

For confirmation, I went to the original source: Facebook itself.

As well as there it is: 1200 x 628 pixels-- concerning a 2:1 ratio.

Now what do you perform with that?

Where will the event picture show up?

There are 4 major locations where the event banner will turn up for Facebook individuals and invitees. These are:

-The Facebook Newsfeed. On desktop this presents as 470 x 174 pixels and on mobile as 560 x 208 pixels.
-Main event page. Right there on top.
-Forthcoming occasions. The photo will be shown as a thumbnail.
-Suggested Occasions. If your event is public, it'll appear to other Facebook users as a thumbnail.

So select a high-grade image that will certainly look amazing at different resolutions and dimensions-- on both desktop as well as mobile.