How Do You Invite All Friends to A Facebook event

Ever wondered just how you can invite all your friends to like an event on Facebook? How Do You Invite All Friends To A Facebook Event: What if you're organizing a massive Project X and wish to invite everyone you recognize to your Facebook event?

Today I'll show you a scenario where you can invite all your friends.

How Do You Invite All Friends To A Facebook Event<br/>

How Do You Invite All Friends To A Facebook Event

I recognize a lot of you requested I update the steps for 2019, so below they are.

Facebook event Invite Code

Code to invite all friends to a Facebook event at once

Once more, make use of Google Chrome to achieve this.

- Go to your Facebook event page
- Click "Share" > "invite friends"
- Scroll to the really bottom of that checklist that just appeared.
- Type "javascript:" right into the address bar. (Notice the semicolon after javascript, no quotes).
- Paste the invite all to event code below right after "javascript:".
- Wait a few seconds and then struck Send out Invites. VoilĂ ! All your Facebook friends are welcomed to your event.

PS: I tried this and also it worked, however if for some reason it does not for you, just let me understand, I'll upgrade the script.

Note: You can just invite approximately 500 people per day to an event. (I don't understand about you yet 500 people should suffice for all your celebration requires, unless you are actually tossing that Project X celebration, in which case, you ought to additionally invite me).