Untag On Facebook

Untag On Facebook: Facebook tags offer a way to direct your posts to specific people. If you mistakenly tagged a person on an image you do not want tagged, you can eliminate the tag from the initial post. While others with permission to watch your posts can still see the photo and also recognize people they know, it does help in reducing the possibility of a tagged image showing up on the person's Timeline. When you tag a person in a shared post, you have to remove the post and also share the status once again to get rid of the tags.

Untag On Facebook<br/>

Untag On Facebook

To remove a tag from a post:

1. Go to the post.
2. Faucet in the top right.
3. Click Remove tag.

To get rid of a tag from a photo:

1. Most likely to the image.
2. Hover over the image as well as click Options in the bottom right.
3. Select Remove tag.

If you're having problem locating the photo or post you wish to hide, you can utilize your activity log to locate it.

You can also eliminate tags from several pictures at once:

1. From your News Feed, click your name in the top left to go to your profile.
2. Click Activity Log in the bottom right of your cover photo.
3. Click Photos and Videos in the left column.
4. Click Photos and Videos You're tagged In.
5. Click to check package to the left of the pictures you wish to remove a tag from.
6. Click Report/Remove Tag.
7. Click to pick your favored alternative, after that click Untag Photos to verify.

Gotten rid of tags will certainly no longer show up on the post or picture, however the post or image is still noticeable to the audience it's shared with. People may have the ability to watch the post or image in position like News Feed or search engine result. To remove it from Facebook completely, ask the person that uploaded it to take it down.