How to Hide Birthday On Facebook

How To Hide Birthday On Facebook - Though it's pleasurable to learn through friends as well as loved ones on your birthday, you might not want to share your year of birth with the entire world. Facebook has actually resolved personal privacy issues by giving you the option to show or hide individual data such as your age. You hide your age by modifying your Facebook Profile and also altering personal privacy settings next to your birthday. In addition to obstructing your birthday from various other Facebook customers, you need to alter settings related to app use, as games and also other applications gain access to your personal Information.

How To Hide Birthday On Facebook<br/>

How To Hide Birthday On Facebook

If you wish to hide your birthday on Facebook, then here's how you can do that on COMPUTER as well as Android:


- Sign into Facebook.
- Hit the "Profile" (your name) which you can find in between "Search Box" and "Home" on top.
- In between "Timeline" as well as "Friends," you can see "About" Strike it.
- Under "About" you can see "Contact and Basic info" Click it.
- Now, under "Basic Information" you can see "Date of Birth" "Year of Birth" and also "Gender".
- Hover your mouse over "Date of Birth" as well as you can see "Edit" link. Hit it.
- Currently, you can see two drop-down lists (one close to the date as well as month drop-down lists as well as another one next to year drop-down list).
- Struck the drop-down list close to the day as well as month drop-down lists. Select "Only me".
- Struck the drop-down listing beside year drop-down list. Select "Only me" alternative.
- Struck "Save Changes" switch.
That's all. From now on, Only you can see your birthday and nobody else.


- Open up Facebook app.
- Touch the Burger icon (three upright lines) and after that tap your Profile (your name).
- Locate and tap "About".
- Under "Basic Info," you can see your birthday. Strike the "Pencil" symbol beside it.
- Touch the drop-down list next to month and also day drop-down lists and then choose "Only me".
- Touch the drop-down list next to year drop-down listing and after that choose "Only me".
- Struck the "Save" switch at the bottom.

That's all. From currently, nobody can see your birthday except yourself.

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