Who Like My Facebook Page

Who Like My Facebook Page: Facebook pages permit company, musicians, organizations and also various other entities to have an online forum for interacting with individuals curious about their offerings. When one more Facebook individual or a Facebook page "likes" your page, that activity is taped in a section of the page itself.

Who Like My Facebook Page<br/>

Who Like My Facebook Page

Notifications in Facebook

When someone "likes" your Facebook page, one of the first methods you'll know about it is by getting an alert in the "Notifications" area of your page. From your Facebook page, click the "Use Facebook As ... (adhered to by the name of your page)" web link to use Facebook as your page. After that click the "thought bubble" symbol in the upper left area of the page, over your page picture, to see all one of the most recent Notifications for your page. Anybody who has actually "liked" your page because the last time you examined your Notifications will be detailed there.

Steps to learning who has liked your Facebook Page On a desktop computer, laptop or tablet:

1. Most likely to your Facebook business Page. (Make certain you're logged in to Facebook.).

2. Click the 'Settings' web link. (See Mobile phone steps better down the Page.).

3. When the 'Settings' Page opens up, scroll down the list of alternatives on the left and also click on 'People and Other Pages'.

The 'People and Other Pages' Area

When the 'People as well as Other Pages' area opens up, it will available to a listing of 'People That Similar To This Page' and also program:.

- Their account picture.
- Their name.
- The date every one liked your Page.

You could scroll through the names to see who has liked your Page - they're sorted starting with one of the most current sort - or utilize the search area (see listed below) to find a certain name.

To locate what Pages have liked your Page click on the down arrow to the right of the 'People Who Like This Page' field.

The listing will include the Page name, the Page's account picture and the date when they liked your Page.

On a smart device:

- Most likely to your Facebook company Page. (Make certain you're visited to Facebook.).
- Click the 'More' link that shows up near to as well as beneath your Page's cover image.
- Scroll down the list of alternatives until you find the 'Edit Settings' web link, after that click.
- Scroll down the list of 'Settings' up until you come to 'People and Other Pages'.
- Choose from the menu options supplied to check out the details you are interested in seeing:

> Individuals That Similar To This Page.
> Pages That Similar To This Page.
> Outlawed People as well as Pages.

Facebook Page Insights

Your Facebook Page supplies a riches of info about those who have liked your Page.

When you have actually scrolled via the names as well as images of those that have 'liked' your Page, head over to the Insights tab. The Insights tab is located on top of your Page, just below the major Facebook dark blue bar.

The Insights tab supplies all kind of details pertaining to Likes, Get To, Page Views, Activities on Page, Posts, Individuals, etc.

For instance, you can figure out:

- exactly what nations and cities your fans are from, and also their numbers;.
- what portion of your fans are ladies or males;.
- what percentage of your fans fall under various age;.
- when your fans are online;.
- the number of individuals reached with your web content;.
- ... and a lot more!