Perfect Size for Facebook Profile Picture

Obtaining your pictures to look good on everything from Facebook to Pinterest is hard without a guide. So we determined to make one - Perfect Size For Facebook Profile Picture.

We've taken a look at the numerous dimensions as well as dimensions you require to know to make your social accounts look great, as well as do what they're meant to.

All of the dimensions in the titles are recommended sizes. Typically you can utilize bigger sizes, but adhere to the element proportions to guarantee pictures display correctly.

Perfect Size For Facebook Profile Picture<br/>

Perfect Size For Facebook Profile Picture

Facebook is the globe's largest social media system. That's a lot of eyes that might be seeing your web content. So the possibility is big here, specifically with formula changes that favor engagement as well as sharing.

There's a number of various image kinds on Facebook from ones in your feed to profile pages. We've noted them listed below:

Facebook profile photo dimension: 180 x 180 px

Perfect Size For Facebook Profile Picture<br/>

Probably one of the most watched picture you'll upload on the system, your profile picture will serve as your avatar throughout the website.

Typically the first thing individuals will see when they find you, it will certainly show up alongside every one of your blog posts, your remarks, and basically all of your Facebook activity.


- Requirements a minimum size of 180px.
- Can have a height below 180px, however the image will not be clear.
- Has a 1:1 element ratio.

Facebook Business Page profile Image (180 x 180 px)

Perfect Size For Facebook Profile Picture<br/>

Facebook utilized to have various policies for company page's profile pictures, however not any longer. Currently the measurements are exactly the like the individual profile picture.

We just wished to include this area in case you came seeking it.


- Needs a minimum width of 180px.
- Can have an elevation below 180px, but the photo will not be clear.
- Has a 1:1 aspect ratio.